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Effective January 1, 2018, any Hatchlift Products not purchased from Hatchlift or one of our authorized Retail outlets are not covered under the Warranty or the Exchange Policies.

Garry, Your Hatchlift did all that was was promised. Easy install - no headaches..literally. Thanks!
Gary P

News & Articles

Tech & How-To: RVMAGONLINE.COM Magazine When we came across the HatchLift a few months back, the first question that came to mind was, Why doesn’t every RV have these? What were manufacturers thinking all those years ago when they decided a little plastic hook above a storage compartment door was the best way to secure it open? These “little plastic hooks” have failed on us many times before. Any time the wind blows or someone moves in the trailer, down comes the door. After years of getting hit in the head by falling hatches, Garry Neff decided to take action and created the HatchLift. more..
HOLD IT UP: Motor Home magazine Access to the myriad miscellaneous items and whatnots that are in stor- age just behind those tempera- mental exterior compartments has been a major contributing factor to countless headaches — both metaphorical and physical. And unfortunately, the last 20 years have brought few advances to the standard exterior compartment door hard- ware, until now. A new retrofitted door-lift system, called Hatchlift, helps to keep those compartment doors in place when accessing storage. more..
HOLD IT UP: Trailer Life Magazine Hatchlift baggage-door gas props take the frustration and headache out of exterior compartment access Access to the myriad miscellaneous items and whatnots that are in storage just behind those temperamental exterior compartmen- ts has been a major contributing factor to countless headaches. And unfortunately, the last 20 years has brought few advances to the standard exterior compart- ment door hardware, until now. more..
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RV Hatch Lifts

Do you own a camper or RV? You need a HatchLift for your RV safety! HatchLift will hold open your RV hatch and protect your family. HatchLift is the perfect give for the camper in your family! The hatch lift will help with lifting hatch doors and the hydraulic mechanism will hold your RV, Camper, Bus or Boat hatch open for you. RV hatch lifts supports and holds open RV Hatches safely. You need to keep your lift hatch open with hatch lifter hatch hinges to protect your health and support your hatch safely. With a hatch lift you do not have to worry about a hatch door dropping shut or hurting a member of your family. If your business needs hatch lift safety for construction workers or office personnel, turn to HatchLift! The hatch lift can hold open cabinet doors, cabinets or counters to help protect your employees from injury and reduce your liability risk. The Hatch Lift will provide you with support and safety for year round use in the camping, construction or office setting.