If you own an motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel with indoor plumbing, then you probably know of the odor of which I speak. It’s neither pleasant, nor that type of odor you look forward to when getting ready to fire up your RV for your next trip. In fact, it’s probably just a constant reminder that you need to do a thorough cleaning of ALL of your tanks.

However, keep in mind that cleaning and disinfecting you grey, or black water tanks really is a temporary fix. That is until your next cleaning.

So, what’s the easiest way to go about helping rid your RV of that “not so fresh” odor? Well, not surprisingly, aside from chemically cleaning your tanks, proper ventilation can vastly improve the odor conditions of your RV. As you are certainly aware of, there are plumbing vents on the roof of your RV. These are most likely capped off and do nothing to actually vent your RV from the stale and sickening odor that being emitted directly into your rig.

As luck would have it, there is a product that addresses this very issue. It’s called the 360 Siphon. It has no moving parts, but instead uses design to create a positive airflow up and out of your RV. Using the 360 Siphon might be the easiest and wisest decision you’ve ever made in regards to keeping your RV odor free. Even better, it’s not terrible difficult to install on your own. Check out the video below from RV Geeks on how simple it is to actually install.

Odor in your RV is a given. It’s just something that we as RVers have to live with..sort of. Using a product like the 360 Siphon might not make the RVer’s life easier, but it will certainly make it more enjoyable.

All of us here at Hatchlift are always interested in products like our hatchlift and bedlift kits that are designed to make the RV lifestyle even more enjoyable. If you know of any products that make RVer’s lives easier, or more pleasant tell us about it! We’d love to look into it and possibly share it with the rest of the RV world.