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RV Bedlift Kits are designed for platform style beds in Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and motor homes that DO NOT HAVE lifts installed.For Replacement Springs please visit the Replacement Spring section.

The gas springs in all Bedlift Kits are under heavy pressure, cannot be compressed manually and will not retract after installation without the weight of the mattress and bedding.

Bedlift Kits cannot be installed on slide out beds with fixed base platforms.(click here)

For Side Load beds - double or queen bed size minimum - order BLK-STD-LITE.

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RV Bedlift Kits

Bedlift Kit XSmall for short front compartments. 19" - 23" deep

Bedlift Kit Small for short front compartments 24" - 30" deep

Bedlift Kit Standard for Queen beds with RV style mattresses

Bedlift Kit Standard-Lite for Queen beds with lite weight foam mattress "New size"

Bedlift Kit Large for standard King beds with RV mattresses or queen beds with oversize mattresses and/or heavy pillow toppers installed

Bedlift Kit Heavy for King beds with oversize mattreses or thick particle board platform decks

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New Size -  Lite weight mattresses and Side Load application BLK-STD-LITE  RV Bedl..


Bedlift Kits X Small fit Queen RV standard beds with short front compartments from 19"..

Bedlift Kit - Small

Small Bedlift kits are designed to lift queen RV Beds with factory mattresses with short storage com..

Bedlift Kit - Standard

Bedlift Kit - Standard. Bedlift kits are designed to lift standard, double, & queen RV Beds with..

Bedlift Kit - Heavy

Bed lift Kit - Heavy. Heavy Bedlift kits are designed to lift King beds with residential /..

Bedlift Kit - Large

Bedlift Kit - Large. Large Bedlift kits are designed to lift standard King & Queen RV Beds with ..

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RV Hatch Lifts

Do you own a camper or RV? You need a HatchLift for your RV safety! HatchLift will hold open your RV hatch and protect your family. HatchLift is the perfect give for the camper in your family! The hatch lift will help with lifting hatch doors and the hydraulic mechanism will hold your RV, Camper, Bus or Boat hatch open for you. RV hatch lifts supports and holds open RV Hatches safely. You need to keep your lift hatch open with hatch lifter hatch hinges to protect your health and support your hatch safely. With a hatch lift you do not have to worry about a hatch door dropping shut or hurting a member of your family. If your business needs hatch lift safety for construction workers or office personnel, turn to HatchLift! The hatch lift can hold open cabinet doors, cabinets or counters to help protect your employees from injury and reduce your liability risk. The Hatch Lift will provide you with support and safety for year round use in the camping, construction or office setting.