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Hatchlift Kit FAQ's

Yes, Preheat the plate attachment area of the door with a hair dryer, etc., before installing the mounting plate. After installing the plate, keep the baggage compartment at 50 degrees or warmer for a minimum of 48 hours before putting the Hatchlift in service.

We recommend setting the initial door height from 140 to 160 degrees. After installation, you can always raise or lower the door position by adjusting the ball stud's location on the curve bracket.

It is very difficult to remove the mounting plate after installing. We recommend adding a second plate where needed. Order the HLK-PLATE REPAIR kit.

Wood shim blocks are included with the kit. They are the correct size for the right angle bracket. Pre Drill before installing with the screws provided. Make sure you do not penetrate the outside wall of the RV!

Disconnecting the spring(s) eliminates the stress load placed on the door from the force of the spring and will also extend the life of the spring. Store in an upright position with the rod end pointing down.

Bedlift Kit FAQ's

Bedlift gas springs are under heavy pressure and cannot be compressed manually. The mattress and all bedding must be in place to operate the lifts.

After installation, the bedlift will not close unless the mattress and all bedding is in place.

Make sure you ordered the correct size Bedlift Kit.

When you set up the bedlift, was the dimension from the floor to the bottom of the bed 39"

Make sure the mattress and all bedding are in place before trying to operate the Bedlift.

Have you tried adjusting the bed per the instructions?

After verifying the installation is correct, if the bed still will not close, contact us at Please include a picture of the installation, size and configuration of the bed and we will try and troubleshoot the problem.

In most cases these are not structural and can be notched to accomodate the gas spring. If  you are not sure, contact the manufacturer.

Depending on the size of the radiuus and the depth of the compartment, you may need to order a smaller size kit for the application. For assistance, please contact us at

Email us at  with your order number and the size you need. We will send the correct gas springs at no charge. Please include your shipping information. After you have completed the installation, return the incorrect gas springs to: Hatchlift Products, 790 Garland St. Lakewood, CO 80215

Gas Spring FAQ's

Disconnecting any gas spring eliminates the stress load placed on the surface it is supporting and will also extend the life of the spring. Store in an upright position with the rod end pointing down.