SPRING! After a long cold winter, nothing sounds better than loading up the RV and going camping. For most of us that means getting out the list of the things we needed to fix from last season and didn’t have the time or the parts on hand. However, there is also that “wish list” of things to fix or improve to make the camping experience more enjoyable.

Of all the areas in the RV none are more important than the storage spaces where the gear and equipment is kept. For many RVs, access to the outside storage usually means lifting an exterior door and when available, securing with wall clips. These clips work reasonably well but can be difficult to attach and provide very little safety from dislodging – especially in windy conditions or when camping on a non level surface.

A solution to this problem is to install hydraulic lift kits. The kits are easy to install and are secured to the inside surface of the door with an adhesive tape. Kits are available in many sizes and will fit most lightweight RV doors, including doors located under slideouts. One of the strongest reasons for installing lift kits is the safety factor – after installation, the risk of being accidentally struck by a falling door is virtually eliminated.

If you have an existing gas spring installation where the attachment bracket has torn loose, repair kits are available that after installation, will provide a structural plate for remounting the springs. The plates are attached with a VHB tape and can repair virtually any flat surface.

Another prime storage area often overlooked is located under the RV bed platform. Many RVs have bed lifts installed from the factory and a lot are installed incorrectly, improperly sized or have failed.

Although not used as frequently as the outside storage, safe and correct access to this space is critically important – the beds are heavy and can cause serious injury when dropped. Installing the proper lift kit here will definitely improve the camping experience! Bed lift systems are designed to lift the weight of the standard RV bed, including a typical upgrade to a residential style, heavier mattress. Bed lift kits can be used to fix an existing application or for new installations. Sizes are available for most RV beds including the small or partial front storage compartments.