First, of all, in order to be a successful, full-time RVer, you have to love RVing, and I mean LOVE RVing. You are going to have to take the good with the bad, the fun with the work. If you can do that, you might be a prime candidate for exploring the ever-eventful world of being a full-time RVer.

The general misconception is that being a full-time RVer is both expensive and generally reserved for retired folks. That really isn’t the case. If you do your research you can find easy ways to make a full time RV lifestyle both enjoyable and affordable. Here are a few things to consider before you make the big decision to live in your RV full time.

Keep in mind that becoming a full-time RVer is something that you just wake up and decide to do. There are considerations to be taken into account. For example, what are you going to do for money? Where are you going? Do you have a plan? Do you know what you are giving up and what you are gaining? Remember, no matter if you live in a house, or on the road being a full-time RVer and perpetual boondocker is all about attitude. As much as I want EVERYONE to start RVing, being a full-timer and living in your RV is not for everyone. You really do need to think about what you give up by not being in a house, is worth what you gain by being free to wander? There are thousands who believe it is totally worth it. It very well may be, but understand that there is a process involved, it’s a learning experience and it could be an amazing lifestyle change for you. Or, it might just be a dream.

Now, of course not everyone is into this type of extreme RV living. Maybe you are a weekend warrior? Maybe you are a holiday RVer? Either way, spending any amount of time RVing is going to be a great time!

If you are a full-timer and want to share your story, leave it in the comments section below. IF you have any questions about becoming a full timer, ask us, or check on line, as there are enormous amounts of information available for an education on becoming a full-time RVer.

Now, regardless if you are a full-timer, or an average RVer, you’ll want to equip your rig with everything you can to make your packing and unpacking efficient and painless. For that, grab a couple of Hatchlift and Bedlift kits…it’s the perfect addition to any RV you are going to be spending time in.